Strange & Unexplained


#57 Where Is Sky Metalwalla?!

May 17, 2021
November 6, 2011 Julia wakes around 8am  to find Sky not feeling well. So she gets Sky and his sister dressed, grabs only her keys, leaving her phone, wallet and purse at the apartment, she leaves for the hospital which is  just a few miles down the road. She takes a very desolate road, it's on that road Julia claims her car ran out of gas.
So Julia gets her 4 year old daughter out of the car, secures Sky in his car seat, shuts the door and walks about a mile to the nearest gas station. She left Sky in his car seat in the car, and left to go get gas. It takes her an hour to make the one mile walk. When she gets to the gas station she calls a friend who lives nearby and asks if she can come pick her up. They make it back to Julia’s car only to find Sky’s car seat empty, and Sky nowhere to be found.
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