Strange & Unexplained


#33 The “Suicide”: Part 2

November 16, 2020
In the early morning hours of April 15, 2016 a sound rang out that shattered the nights silence like glass. Then again another loud pop rang out followed by a deafening silence, broken again this time by the scream of a frightened baby boy in his crib. In the master bedroom, a locked closet and inside that closet the little boy's mother lay lifeless with blood pooling around her head as it lay on a blood soaked pillow.
Jessica Boynton had been shot in the head, and now her husband, a Griffin GA police officer was throwing all traffic laws out the window in an effort to rush home. He had received a text from his wife telling him she had been having suicidal thoughts and instructing him to look after their two boys.
Last week we looked at the story through Matthew's account of the events,  this week we will look at the case from the perspective of the evidence and the lack of.
The Officer’s Wife Podcast-VAULT & 11Alive  Crime Watch Daily Raw bodycam footage from that night M. Boyton interrogation night of shooting M. Boynton bag interrogation Grip removed from press list

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