Strange & Unexplained


#39 The Murder of Jill Dando

Jill Dando was shot in the head on her front door step in the middle of the day and her murder still remains one of the UK’s most high-profile unsolved murder cases... 20 years later.
The Murder of Jill Dando- Documentery 4/19  reconstruction by crimewatch  news announcement of Jills murder investigation crime watch 29:09 a episode of holiday Time stamp of jill- 4:25-9:06,9:58,12:45

#38 Order of The Solar Temple

The Order of the Solar Temple also known as the International Order of Chivalry Solar Traditions was a New Age Religious Movement that has roots in the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar  was a Catholic led religious/military order formed during the 12th century among the years of the French Revolution. Originally formed with the intent of protecting Christian pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land during the time of the Crusades, the group was disbanded by King Philip the 4th of France. However the Order of the Solar Temple is drastically different from its previous ordained intentions, the Solar Temple was preparing for the worlds apocalypse set to happen in the 1990's. However years and years of failed prophecies led to a weakening of the groups faith and eventually between 1994-97, 74 members joined a “higher spiritual plane”. But did the participants willingly drink the kool-aid or did something far darker and more sinister happen inside those temple walls?

#37 Jordan Marie Simms

On December 26, 2019 an inmate, while in the custody of the Graham County Sheriff's office in Safford AZ, died after allegedly jumping out of the back of the officer's SUV. She suffered traumatic injury and was transported to the hospital in Tucson where she was pronounced brain dead and removed from life support just two days later. So at just 28-years old the tragic life of Jordan Marie Simms was over...but was this just an accident? Because just a few days before the incident Jordan accused to officers of sexual assault...
Sources: sexual assault report

#36 Maria Marta

The gated community of Carmel, near Buenos Aires Argentina, was more than just a neighborhood; it was a safe haven for the wealthy in a time of economic unrest.  The country had just experienced some of the worst economic times since the 1980’s and were just starting to recover in the late months of 2002.  At the same time Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce and her family were living in the Carmel ‘compound’ and working with an Argentinian foundation that helped find missing children.  Until it was Marta that came up missing!....but then they found her… her bathroom, where upon first glance(witnesses say) she appeared to have slipped, hit her head and drowned in the bath tub. 



Netflix: Carmel-Who Killed Maria Marta? news article youtube breakdown of Netflix special  argentina’s economic crisis explained who’s who Maria’s family




#35 Mary Ellan’s Monster

In the spring of 1965 in a small Ohio town named Mansfield, was a young girl named Mary Ellen Deneer, her sister described her as a typical ‘giggly girl’. But the local media headlines described her as ‘murdered’, leaving the family of Mary Ellen shook, and police scrambling to catch a killer, and it didn't take long….a repeat offender named Lester Eubanks was arrested, but I wouldn't say justice was served.
Abc News Podcast: Have You Seen This Man?
Unsolved Mysteries- “Death Row Fugitive”

#34 The Disappearance Of Susan Powell

So basically the wife disappears while the husband is gone on an “impromptu” camping trip with his 4 and 2 year old the middle of the the desert of Utah...during a blizzard.
The story of Susan Powell is a complex, disturbing and tragically short one, her life was one filled with more demons than any one person should have to face….
Cold Podcast 4 year old charlie powell interview josh on abc news sayin he did kill susan social worker 911 call state pays $98 million to Powell family susans dad and FIL argue Powell boys suffered injuries before death murder weapon theory podcast Cold

#33 The “Suicide”: Part 2

In the early morning hours of April 15, 2016 a sound rang out that shattered the nights silence like glass. Then again another loud pop rang out followed by a deafening silence, broken again this time by the scream of a frightened baby boy in his crib. In the master bedroom, a locked closet and inside that closet the little boy's mother lay lifeless with blood pooling around her head as it lay on a blood soaked pillow.
Jessica Boynton had been shot in the head, and now her husband, a Griffin GA police officer was throwing all traffic laws out the window in an effort to rush home. He had received a text from his wife telling him she had been having suicidal thoughts and instructing him to look after their two boys.
Last week we looked at the story through Matthew's account of the events,  this week we will look at the case from the perspective of the evidence and the lack of.
The Officer’s Wife Podcast-VAULT & 11Alive  Crime Watch Daily Raw bodycam footage from that night M. Boyton interrogation night of shooting M. Boynton bag interrogation Grip removed from press list

#32 The “Suicide”: Part 1

Jessica Lester and Matthew Boynton had a typical southern Georgia upbringing, they were high school sweethearts who, just a year after dating, found out they were pregnant. The two took this matter seriously and although still very young moved into an apartment together, Matthew became an officer with Griffin police department. Jessica quickly settled into her new life as a mom and within a year the family had grown from a family of 3 to a family of 4 with the birth of a second son. Matthew and Jessica got married after their second son's birth but no one knew what Jessica was struggling with at this time. And the honeymoon phase quickly came to an end, when both Jessica and Matthew had uncovered each other's secret affairs. Then suddenly and unexpectedly Jessica does the unthinkable…..or does she?
The Officer’s Wife Podcast-VAULT & 11Alive  Crime Watch Daily Raw bodycam footage from that night M. Boyton interrogation night of shooting M. Boynton bag interrogation Grip removed from press list

#31 The Missing Jack Family

It has been over 30 years since the Jack family went missing from Prince George, British Columbia, CA. And we still have no clue what happened to them, a family of four looking to make a better life for themselves, packs up and leaves in the middle of the night and is never seen again. With the offer of work and childcare, it seemed too good to be true, unfortunately it was...
Taken Podcast E9- Doreen Jack

#30 The Cook Family Circus

In 2017 the scariest thing imaginable happened to seven members of the same family, they were accused of operating a child sex ring out of their home. Accusations that eventually proved false, but not before tearing the family apart, ruining their lives and reputations, and collectively spending more than 200 days in prison. It's the most devastating situation possible, charged with 127 counts of “monstrous” child sex abuse, including “bizarre blood rituals” and the family, who were labeled “circus freaks” by the media, was behind it all.

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