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#24 Nxivm…Path to Enlightenment Or Cult?

The headlines of NXIVM read like something out of a Dan Brown novel, 'Alleged sex cult under investigation by the FBI', or 'secret sorority branded initials, in weird slave/master ceremony.
Or things like 'Former Smallville actress arrested for sex trafficking' and 'Dynasty actress Cathrine Oxenburg pleads for help to rescue daughter from "sex cult".
But these are front page headlines in July of 2018, when the leader of a ‘self-described multi-level marketing company’ was arrested and charged with sex trafficing.
Uncovered: Escaping NXIVM 
Conversation with Keith

#23 Garrett Dorsten, Deprogramming & The Unification Church

...the young man reveals to the bar owner that he and his siblings have been living in seclusion on a farm nearby for the last nine years. It was like they were part of some cult, cut off from the rest of the world, not allowed to leave, and often physically abused by their captor for having “evil spirits” in them.
The most shocking part is who they were being held by...their own father.
Also we talk about the church in which Garrett last left, The Unification Church, and Ted Patrick. So we got our bases covered for a good ole "cult debate"! (If there's such a thing)

#22 The Man Who Ran Into The Woods

Terrance Woods Jr. was 26 at the time of his disappearance, he was working as a production assistant for a London based production company called Raw TV. Terrance entered the backwoods of Idaho with his crew members but unfortunately never made it out, in fact Terrance reportedly ran into the dense mountain forest on purpose. Witnesses at the scene claim he just bolted, under no duress or pressure but of his own volition, his family says there is no way.
“No way he would have ran down that hill unless he was afraid of something” -Valerie Woods (Terrance's mother).

#21 The Death Of A Star

Ryan Singleton was a boy from Atlanta GA that dreamed of growing up and becoming a star. He dreamed of moving to Hollywood and making it big in his passions of acting, writing and filmmaking. He also had a passion for fashion and broke onto the scene as a model. Around 21 years old Ryan moved to Los Angeles California and almost instantly hit the jackpot.
Ryan started getting modeling gigs left and right, he was being invited to exclusive events, hanging out with stars, and living out everything he ever dreamed. Then all of a sudden things took an unexpected turn and within the next year Ryan would meet a sudden and horrific death. Alone, in the middle of the desert, and with most of his internal organs missing.
Strange circumstances and weird behavior preceded Ryan's death and now makes many question if there were more nefarious actions that lead to Ryan's demise.

#20 The Silence Is Deafening

On Dec. 16, 2009 Essence magazine published an article highlighting the details of 8 missing black women whose cases have received little to no media coverage.
It was titled ‘Have You Seen Her: When Black Women Go Missing The Silence Can Be Defaning’ 
The purpose was to show how little media cares to cover missing black women cases, it draws attention to a major flaw in the system.

#19 Double Life/Triple Murder

Gerald Mike Bullinger was a man of many faces. He was a pilot, an avid outdoorsman, a family man, even a stand-in father.  He was also prince charming to more than one.
Bullinger thought he had it all figured out how to have his cake and eat it too, but when the two sides of his life come crashing together unbeknownst to him he takes on a new face...murderer.

#18 “Amerithrax” The Anthrax Attacks of 2001

In September of 2001 America experienced a series of calculated attacks meant to devastate and scare the American people. Nineteen Islamic extremists, associated with a group known as Al Qaeda, hijacked 4 planes and carried out suicide attacks, killing nearly 3000 people that day. A week later a second wave of attacks had started but this time the murder weapon was a deadly infectious disease...inhalation anthrax, we were facing a new threat, one that had been biologically engineered.

In just a few short months 5 people would be dead and 17 others would have their lives changed forever.

What was even scarier is, that as the investigation continued, all signs pointed to this attack being executed by one of our own.


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David Willman, Author of The Mirage Man aired Oct. 11,2011



#17 The Man That Ran Off The Belvedere

On the evening of May 16, 2006 Rey Rivera was sitting in his office at his desk working from home. His cell rang and a short conversation ensued and we are left wondering who is on the other line. “Oh shit” Rey says then he grabs his keys, runs down the stairs and out the front door of his Baltimore home...thats the last time he was seen alive.
Netflix: Unsolved Mysteries-Ep1-Mystery On The Rooftop
An Unexplained Death (2018) written by Mikita Brottman

#16 The Murder of Amber Tuccaro

On August 18, 2010 Amber Tuccaro, her 14- month old son (Jacob) and a female friend left their hometown of Fort McMurray and flew to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. The girls were looking to have a fun weekend in the city.  Amber asked her friend to look after young Jacob while she reportedly hitchhiked into town to get some food for them.

She got into a vehicle with an unknown man, and that was the last time Amber was seen alive.

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